Product Management Insights: Reporting Tools and Effective Clinical Trial Management

MedNet Solutions is proud to deliver an intuitive, user-friendly EDC/eClinical experience to clinical study professionals through the utilization of its single solution platform, iMedNet eClinical. We have been a trusted partner for effective clinical trial management for a variety of customers worldwide – and for over 1,000 studies – ranging from medical device, biotech, pharma… Read More


MedNet Solutions Update: Exceptional Company Growth and Momentum

On behalf of MedNet Solutions, I’m pleased to report that both our company and our flagship eClinical technology platform, iMedNet™, are experiencing record-breaking growth and widespread industry recognition as we continue to serve the life sciences community with innovative, affordable and easy-to-use clinical research solutions. Here are some highlights of MedNet’s recent accomplishments: Unprecedented Growth… Read More

risk-based monitoring

The Importance of Risk-Based Monitoring

MedNet Solutions is pleased to present the following interview with our latest technology partner, Algorics – an innovative technology organization that focuses on data aggregation, visualization and analytics to help drive real-time, actionable clinical trial information. Q: Can you tell us more about risk-based monitoring (RBM) and why it is deemed so important in clinical… Read More


Successfully Managing Disease-Specific Registries with eClinical Technology

Below is an excerpt from MedNet Solutions’ recent case study discussing how life science organizations can best utilize eClinical technology to successfully manage disease-specific registries. Highlighted is a 4-year, 75-site observational study, sponsored by Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, which sought to better understand treatment patterns and outcomes for patients with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas (PTCLs). If you are… Read More

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Effectively Managing Risk to Ensure eClinical Quality

There is no shortage of suggested principles regarding how to best manage risk within the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, especially as it relates to the validation of technologies and processes utilized to collect patient data and track outcomes. From FDA guidance, to recommendations from industry trade organizations, to ISO medical standards, various principles have… Read More


The iMedNet Partner Program: A Recipe for Success for CROs and Consultants

Throughout its 15-year history, MedNet Solutions has served a wide variety of clinical trial sponsors, ranging from biotech and pharma firms, to medical device and animal health organizations. Also encompassed in our customer list are more than 50 Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and consultants located throughout the globe. While the overall eClinical requirements of CROs… Read More

Data Safety Monitoring Board

The Importance of DSMBs/DMCs and the Growing Role of eClinical Technology

Below is an excerpt of MedNet Solutions’ white paper entitled “The Importance of Data Safety Monitoring Boards/Data Monitoring Committees and the Growing Role of eClinical Technology.”  If you are interested in accessing the full white paper, please click the link at the end of this blog post. Introduction Randomized clinical trials for drugs and medical… Read More


Product Management Insights: Randomization and Inventory Efficiencies

As we discussed in our recent blog, “iMedNet eClinical and Continuous Product Improvement,” MedNet Solutions has placed a significant focus on continuous product improvement since our foundation in 2001. Included in this effort has been a commitment to offering new and innovative functionality, but also building upon – and strengthening – currently available platform capabilities…. Read More

Equitable Contracting

Equitable Contracting for Customer Needs

MedNet Solutions is often cited as one of the simplest eClinical/Electronic Data Capture (EDC) vendors to partner alongside within the clinical trial marketplace. The ease of working together, frequently mentioned by our clients, is evidenced in many ways. From positive word of mouth and high customer satisfaction ratings, to the speed with which we respond… Read More

Customer Support

Building Client Satisfaction through Superior Customer Support

At their core, positive customer experiences are often a direct result of an organization’s continuous search for – and implementation of – opportunities to create value for clients. And, in an age with ever-increasing options, regardless of product or service, this is a critical step in pleasing customers and strengthening client relationships. At MedNet Solutions,… Read More

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