MedNet Solutions provides a complete selection of professional technology services to ensure you get the most out of your MedNet eClinical technology solutions. Because we’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals with previous hands-on experience working in CRO, sponsor and clinical settings, we have the breadth and depth of knowledge necessary to effectively support your clinical research projects from start to finish.

MedNet’s Technology Training and Support include:

eClinical Training

MedNet offers numerous training and education alternatives to ensure all users are fully aware of our systems’ capabilities and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Each MedNet system comes packaged with web-based training aids that are available anytime and anywhere…thus fitting into everyone’s schedule.  These resources include animated videos, reference guides and comprehensive system documentation.

In addition, MedNet offers a variety of live, instructor-led training options that can be delivered to any group at any location.  Commonly deployed training programs include:

iMedNet Designer Training and Certification

MedNet’s technical product experts provide in-depth training to sponsor and/or CRO personnel who will be building and maintaining iMedNet eClinical-based studies.

Customer Training

Experienced MedNet personnel deliver personalized, instructor-led system training either via the web or in-person at the sponsor’s/CRO’s offices to clinical study management personnel.

Onsite Training at Investigator Meetings

MedNet offers “computer lab” style, instructor-led training for Investigators and/or Research Coordinators. This instruction is provided on-site at the sponsor’s location of choice.

Web-based Interactive Clinical Site Training

Using this option, MedNet instructors provide remote, web-based interactive instruction to clinical site staff. This is a cost effective means to simultaneously train multiple locations without incurring travel-related costs.

Technology Consulting

MedNet realizes that the setup and validation of EDC/eClinical systems may not be an area of expertise for many study sponsors and CROs.  Therefore, we offer highly-individualized consulting services to help you along the way.  This allows you to leverage our extensive background configuring and validating studies for many hundreds of research projects. Our consulting services include:

Study Build Consulting

An experienced MedNet consultant provides practical “best practices” insights and advice as you build your iMedNet eClinical-based study.

Validation Consulting

This package includes individualized consulting services along with numerous guidelines, checklists and templates designed to help you efficiently validate study builds to meet corporate, industry and government requirements and standards.

Technology Project Management

MedNet’s seasoned Technology Project Management Team is available to configure and deploy iMedNet studies when desired. Depending on your precise project needs, our team can provide either comprehensive technology project management services, or á la carte services to supplement your internal project personnel. Available services include:

  • Requirement Specifications Development
  • Study Setup and Configuration
  • CRF/Form Design
  • Custom Report Creation
  • System Testing and Validation
  • Post Deployment Enhancement Implementation
  • Study Closeout and Database Archival

iMedNet Support

At MedNet, we’re dedicated to providing the most responsive and helpful customer support in the industry. We’re committed to addressing your questions and concerns quickly, efficiently and courteously.  One way we do this is by delivering 24x7x365 support, delivered by MedNet’s own fully trained staff.  We’re here to help whenever you need us, keeping you and your study moving forward.

MedNet also provides a wealth of online support options through our customer service portal.  Available anytime, customers can quickly access extensive support resources including our fully searchable knowledge base.

Our support professionals are available throughout your entire research initiative, from system setup through study closeout. Our expert staff has established an excellent reputation in the industry by “going the extra mile” for our customers, and consistently beating customer expectations for service and support.

Cloud-Based Website Hosting

With MedNet, there’s no need to worry about building, staffing, maintaining, troubleshooting or upgrading data centers or servers…we take care of it all for you.

MedNet leverages the immense and highly redundant processing power of Amazon Web Services (AWS) as well as ClearDATA’s best-in-class healthcare exclusive security, availability and services that is simply not possible through other deployment alternatives.

Key Compliance Certifications

  • Including HITRUST, HIPAA, HITECH, and many others

Robust Security

  • Including full data encryption, both in transit and at rest

High Availability

  • Deployed on virtual machines across redundant AWS availability zones

Unprecedented Scalability 

  • Additional infrastructure can be quickly assessed as needed

Exceptional Elasticity

  • Automatic resource utilization adjustments ensure fast response times

Excellent Customer Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Delivers iMedNet in a highly cost-effective manner

In addition, MedNet virtually eliminates end-user system access problems. Since there is absolutely no software installation required, virtually any device can easily access MedNet’s solutions…all that is required is an Internet connection and a current version of one of the popular browsers.