Allowing You to Quickly and
Easily Configure Your Own Studies

iMedNet eClinical is MedNet Solutions’ latest EDC/eClinical technology platform.  It provides non-technical clinical research personnel with a fast, intuitive and cost-effective solution for building and managing their own clinical studies.

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Key iMedNet eClinical Benefits:


Build It Yourself

Sponsors, CROs and independent investigators can configure every facet of their own studies with ease…from site start-up to casebook management.



Studies can be set up quickly…now feasible in a matter of days or weeks, not months.



iMedNet is incredibly configurable, allowing it to easily support any research requirements…no need for custom programming!



iMedNet’s low cost and predictable software-as-a-service (SaaS) pricing model makes it cost-effective for all types of studies, from preclinical to postmarket.



The system is exceptionally easy to navigate and use for site, sponsor and CRO personnel.



iMedNet is fully hosted by MedNet, meaning there is no hardware or software for you to install or support…all you need is a browser and Internet access.


Latest Technologies

iMedNet is a technologically advanced cloud-based solution built by MedNet from the ground up – not a pretty wrapper hiding antiquated systems.

Robust Functionality

iMedNet provides extensive electronic data capture (EDC), clinical trial management system (CTMS) and clinical data management system (CDMS) capabilities – practical tools that leverage MedNet’s broad experience serving the life sciences community with advanced eClinical technologies for more than a decade. Here’s just a sampling:


Designer Tools

Study on Demand

Create new studies by replicating existing ones…within minutes.

Form Manager

Easily build or reuse forms and fields with this efficient drag and drop editor.

Business Logic Manager

Quickly set up study workflows, edit checks and more.


Study Management Tools

Site Management

Supports start-up, document tracking, regulatory, personnel and more.


Simplifies the uploading, review and management of DICOM images.


Collects patient reported outcomes with ease.


Data Management Tools

Auto Coding

Streamlines coding assignments…MedDRA, WHO Drug and more.

Query Manager

Ensures efficient query identification and resolution.

Datasets on Demand

Provides easy access to your latest study data anytime, anywhere.


Integration Tools

Data Import Manager

Expedites study data uploading and verification.

Web Services

Supports secure, standards-based data access by other trusted systems.

The listing above outlines just a portion of iMedNet’s extensive feature set.  For more details, please download our free iMedNet eClinical data sheet, or contact us directly to set up a no-obligation demonstration.